Thursday, June 5, 2008

Super-Cooling Sherbet Slices

This dessert helps me remember steamy summer days as a girl in Virginia. The only thing better than eating it was when my mother let me make it myself! It is an instantly-cooling dessert that is perfect for parties or as a special treat to end a family barbecue.


1 gallon lime sherbet
Half-gallon lemon sherbet
Half-gallon raspberry sherbet
1 cup mini-chocolate chips, optional

You will also need:

3 mixing bowls (small, medium, large) that will nest easily and fit in your freezer

Place largest mixing bowl in your freezer for 1o minutes as you remove the lime sherbet from the freezer and allow to soften on the counter top. Scoop into your largest mixing bowl, pressing against the inner wall of the bowl until it is completely covered. Place medium bowl into lime sherbet layer, pressing down until there is an even layer or sherbet between the bowls. Freeze until firm.

Remove lemon sherbet from the freezer and soften. Remove nested bowls from freezer. Fill inner bowl with warm water to make it easy to lift out. Carefully remove -- there should be a shell of lime sherbet in the largest bowl. Scoop lemon sherbet into the lime shell to make a layer as before. This time, nest and press the smallest bowl of the three. Freeze again.

Finally, soften the raspberry sherbet. Remove the nested bowls from the freezer, loosen and remove the smallest one as before. Fill the remaining empty space with raspberry sherbet. The three layers should now all be in the largest bowl. Cover with saran wrap and freeze until firm.

When you are ready to serve, remove the large bowl from the freezer and place in warm water, being careful not to get the sherbet wet. Invert onto a serving plate and slice like a layer cake. The slices will be the color of watermelon. Sprinkle slice with mini chocolate chips to resemble seeds, if desired.

*Note -- you can other flavors of sherbet or sorbet, or use four layers to make a sherbet rainbow! Don't be afraid to get creative!


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